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Shandy | My Life on The Line

What I Think Is The Coolest Wedding Gift

I went to bridal shower last week and since I got the invitation I was racking my brain on what to offer my friends for their engagement. They are registered with many stores, so the wedding gift is a “no brainer”.

Wedding Time Capsule from SendOutCardsThen I read an article on a cool wedding gift idea and was reminded that I had seen a great gift ideas in my SendOutCards account. (SendOutCards is an online cards and gift service).

So I logged into my account, chose the Wedding Time Capsule, added a custom congratulations card and pressed send. Voila! In mere seconds I was done.

Cheryl called me the day it was delivered to her house and she was crying she felt the gift was so thoughtful.  I was so happy to know I made her feel that way.

So when I got to the bridal shower Cheryl was so excited about her time capsule and asked every one present to write a message to the “future couple” and place it in the capsule to be opened 5 years from their wedding day.  It was so much fun.

If you want to get one for yourself, head over to a great resource I found for gifts and thank you cards at www.businessthankyou.cards

Planning My Next Video Commercial With Chris

I was having lunch with Chris from promotional video production in Boston yesterday to go over ideas for my next job with Mark Moore at Top Rated.  You may remember that Chris is independent videographer who also does great work with video SEO marketing and overall promotion.

Chris and I in Boston

We talked for over an hour and I can tell you the guy has brilliant ideas and he came up with 5 amazing story boards while eating pasta and Italian bread.  I will have a very difficult weekend in front of me truing to decide which direction to go with the commercial and which idea is best for me at this time.

It’s a matter of timing

I always feel that I’m running way behind schedule and that everything that pops into my head needs to be done right away.  Then a few days later I realize there’s no rush and completely ignore the idea and start setting new fires. I certainly need to get a grip on that and pace myself if I want to succeed without losing my mind.

This time, Chris is in charge of the schedule and setting up everything for me. We will talk next week about which idea I’ve decided for the ad and what type of setting we’ll choose for the shoot.

I will post the video on my blog once it is finished. Here’s a video that I liked as it’s an ad, but it does not feel salesy or pushy. What do you thin? Leave a comment below.


Adding a Hammock To Your Backyard for Fun and Comfort

What is a Hammock good for?

A Hammock is really a sling that is made of rope, fabric, netting, along with other materials. It is commonly suspended between two different points. It can be used efor sleeping, resting, swinging, as well as other relaxing activities. People can enjoy lots of benefits that are offered with this simple item. There are many types of hammocks that are available today. You can select your favorite product easily. This item is usually seen as a symbol of leisure, summer, relaxation, easy living, and also simple living. People usually install this item in their own property.

Advantages of using Mayan Hammock

1. Have deep sleeping

Here is the first benefit available from hammock. This device is very created to support your sleep position. Therefore, you’ll be able to have deep sleep once you lay for this item. Deep sleeping is an important activity that you must do, in order to restore your body’s function effectively. This device is a perfect place so that you can relax in your house.

2. Save space

This benefit is essential to suit your needs who’ve small house. You never require large space for installing this item inside your own house. It can be specifically created to match any small areas while offering maximum comfort for all users. There are several people which install this item in their home because of this feature.

3. Reduce back or neck pain

Many research show that Mayan hammock is extremely effective to take down neck or low back pain significantly. This item is designed with proper position, to help you lay with this item with brimming with comfort. Many professional therapists recommend their sufferers to lay on hammock, to allow them to avoid getting any neck or back problems. The hammock will distribute your weight over your own body’s surface area.

4. Might be installed and stored easily

This really is another advantage that exist because of this unit. It can be stored and installed easily. There’s no complicated procedure that you have to do when you want to setup this product. Most units usually come with easy-to-follow instructions. Just examine these instructions, so that you can start installing this device completely.

Particular sorts of Rope Mayan Hammocks

1. Rope Hammock

The kodak playtouch camcorder is believed to be the most frequent hammock that’s available today. There are numerous products that are manufactured with this interesting style. Cotton rope unit is a perfect product for many who wish to enjoy laying on top of this product. You can also find another rope hammock that is manufactured out of polyester rope. This material is quite ideal for you who wish to have durable material for your unit. This product can allow easy airflow on your skin. Therefore, you can feel relaxed when laying moreover product.

2. Fabric Hammock

There are some fabric hammocks that are available nowadays. This device comes with a continuous surface for all those users. There are lots of materials you can use to construct this device, including natural or synthetic materials. This device is extremely light weight. You’ll be able to handle this unit easily with no problems. It is usually installed easier compared to the rope hammock. The constant maintenance means of this unit really is easy. You won’t need to spend time and cash for maintaining the quality of the kodak playtouch camcorder.

3. String Hammock

It is just a very comfortable unit that’s lightweight. It may comply with one’s body shape readily. It is really possible to set up this device inside your property. This product doesn’t require excessive space for being installed. This unit usually has bright colors and interesting designs that will attract lots of users. Most string hammocks will often have web-like design that will boost your comfort.


We Don’t Smoke Here – A Rude Awakaning

As I enjoyed my coffee with the contractor and the flooring crew last month I did something out of habit that seemed to be a social “faux-pas” these days,  I lit up a cigarette.  I was promptly told, that the entire property was a non-smoking zone because the owners found a cigarette butt on their property and threatened to cancel the job if it happened again.  I knew it was time to quit this silly habit.

A designer friend of mine told be about the No Smoking Lab website and how they mention that they recommend hypnotherapy for stopping smoking.

I visited the website and read some of the articles and watched the videos.  What struck me was how most people seem to have great success without any to the harsh symptoms that comes with trying to quit.   I was not sold on hypnotism as I’m not convinced it’s effective, but the aversion therapy that was talked about is something I’ve seen work in animals and know it to be effective.

One of the systems mentioned on the website talked about a multitude of techniques combined to help people stop smoking.  The Freedom method talked about hypnotherapy, aversion therapy, some LED lights and relaxation tapes.  All said to be proven and guaranteed to work so I decided to try the Freedom Quit Smoking Method.  With a money back guarantee, how could I lose?

It’s been a few weeks now, and although I’ve not cheated, my urges are still strong, but I avoided many triggers and social events that would cause me to break down and light up again.  The wristband that I use to snap myself back into control has been put to use too many times and my wrist is begging me to gain control of my urges faster.

I’ll keep up with this post and let you know how I’m doing, so stay in touch.

Love, Shandy.

P.s. If you know someone who want help to stop smoking, point them to the NS-Labo website.

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Ever Wondered Why Home Staging is Important?

Did you ever walked into a house that was for sale, or a display or home builders reveal house, and immediately felt that you could live there? Often those houses simply feel so welcoming and comfortable, with clean lines and an uncluttered feel. Chances are that home was expertly staged if you have actually been seduced by properties such as these.

Property staging like the word done at Modern Design Benefits has become popular over the last couple of years and in fact a whole industry has been created around home staging. MD Benefits is a Mississauga Home Staging & Design company that as their home staging certifications, home staging experience and are property staging professionals.

On television we have countless property programs advising all and sundry exactly how they can get a much better cost when selling their property with just a couple of days work and an entire television crew, many of whom continue to be behind the scenes.

Warning: Home Staging can require a lot of time and money

You can’t renovate or restore a property in a few days. You may also need to remodel kitchen areas and bathrooms to get the types of outcomes you see on tv.

True home staging is not about remodeling, or even refurnishing. Home staging has to do with making your home attract the largest market segment by revealing it in such a light that most of buyers who see it, can envisage themselves living there. The idea is, once they can imagine themselves staying in the home they are a lot more likely to acquire.

You may have seen some home reveals on tv where buyers are extremely unwilling to consider a home, although it fits their short, because sadly they can not see past the over bearing decoration and littered look. There is a big proportion of the populace that have actually limited creativity and can not constantly see the capacity of a home. If a home has a very particular customized decoration, then most purchasers can not see past the reality that they are in another person’s house.

This is where property staging is available in. Property staging will not just de-clutter but will de-personalize your property so that all potential purchasers can more quickly imagine themselves staying in the property with all their own furniture and possessions.

You may have heard that property staging is also the way to obtain a premium rate for your home. And in sometimes and places it can be.

If you are selling a financial investment home, then not only is it hard if not impossible for you to stage a property that is tenanted, but the buyer will be far more interested in return on financial investment than in whether they can see themselves living there. There are industrial homes and holiday rentals where staging might have little or no result.

However in today’s hard financial times staging may not improve your asking price.

What staging will perform in tight market conditions is enhance the sale-ability of your house, make it attract attention from the crowd and, offered it is priced to fulfill the marketplace, offer more quickly. And that is the benefit that home staging will provide you in a buyer’s market. Where some properties have been on the market for a lengthy duration of time, well introduced properties will sell quicker. Although that does not put any even more money in your pocket in advance, having a property on the marketplace for a lengthy period of time can be costly both emotionally and financially.

While staging a home to offer may not increase the selling rate, it will increase the sale-ability of your house. Which is always an excellent result. Here is an example of staging of house in Oakville, Ontario.

example of staging oakville

Are you believing of selling your home? If so it is an excellent idea to think of staging your house to interest the widest possible market. You can learn more and get further concepts at Home Staging Ideas, and if you would like more details then Mastering House Staging should assist.

Property staging has actually become extremely popular over the last couple of years and in fact a whole industry has actually been created around home staging. We have property staging certificates, property staging businesses and home staging specialists. You could have seen some property shows on television where purchasers are very hesitant to consider a property, even though it fits their quick, since unfortunately they can not see past the over bearing decoration and cluttered appearance. If you are selling an investment home, then not only is it challenging if not impossible for you to stage a home that is tenanted, but the purchaser will be far more interested in return on investment than in whether they can see themselves living there. Where some homes have actually been on the market for a lengthy duration of time, well introduced properties will offer quicker.


Never Mind Neighbors, Use Innovative Roofing Designs

As roofing technology advances, even more house and company owners are keen to make a statement with distinct roofing system designs. You can work with an original designer who designs a really one-of-a kind roofing system, but this could not be the most cost reliable option. New Steel Roofers is the best roofing company in Toronto when it comes to style, materials and colours. They only use metal roofing materials, so if you want to lean more about what is a metal roof, visit this wiki page.

Creating Designs Based on Your Vision

Preferably, your roofing needs to match the rest of the structure, however you certainly have a lot of versatility when it comes to the kind of roof you install. From modern flat designs that provide chances for rooftop yards or patios to conventional Tudor-style houses that are stood for by steeply peaked roofing systems, previous designs can actually affect your future vision.

Styles of Roofing

To this end, it’s crucial to consider the standard kinds of roofing system. From sloped and flat roofing systems to pitched, gabled, and hipped roofs, there is a wide range of types. The defining features of the various kinds can in fact be mixed-and-matched to develop a relatively one-off design. By working closely with your architect and roofer, you can utilize usual kinds and incorporate them with interesting materials in order to create a roofing system that stands out in your area.

Traditional and Modern Roof Materials

Roof materials are vital to developing a distinctively styled roofing system. Thatch roof isn’t as popular as shingle roofing systems, so a thatch roofing system in an urban setting would be truly one-of-a-kind even though it makes use of possibly the earliest innovation.
Ultimately, one-of-a-kind designs might be developed from an architect’s artistic vision, however even utilizing standard roofing styles and products you can build a magnificent roof that stands out yet appealing. Just make sure to work carefully with a roofing expert so that you know your roofing
system is preferably matched to your environment.

As roof technology advances, even more house and company owners are eager to make a statement with distinct roofing designs. Preferably, your roofing requires to match the rest of the structure, but you definitely have a lot of versatility when it comes to the kind of roofing system you install. From sloped and flat roofing systems to pitched, gabled, and hipped roofing systems, there is a large range of kinds. Thatch roofing isn’t as popular as shingle roofing, so a thatch roofing in an urban setting would be truly one-of-a-kind even though it makes use of perhaps the oldest technology.

I would only recommend one roofing contractor in Toronto based on reviews and customer praises, that’s New Steel Roofers.ca

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